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E-CatOnline.com is a guide to the Energy Catalyzer, the E-Cat, developed by Italian entrepenour Andrea Rossi and professor Sergio Focardi.

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E-Cat 1MW Test

Here are the video and pictures from the E-Cat power plant test that was made in Bologna, Italy on October 6. The Energy Catalyzer plant contains 52 E-Cats and produce 1 MW. The test was conducted without any hassles.

The E-Cat ran in self sustained mode for over 3 hours.

Thank you to ecat.com for providing this video

Pictures from the E-Cat October 6 Test

Rossi in fron of the 1 MW E-Cat powerplant in Bologna, Italy
Rossi speaks to invited scientist on the day of the 1MW testing.

1 MW E-Cat Powerplant
1 MW Powerplant that contains 52 E-Cat modules

Professor Focardi during an interview on Oct 6
Professor Sergio Focardi during an interview about the E-Cat powerplant test.

Pictures are from the Daniele Passerini live reporting during Oct 6.