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E-CatOnline.com is a guide to the Energy Catalyzer, the E-Cat, developed by Italian entrepenour Andrea Rossi and professor Sergio Focardi.

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Andrea Rossi Bio

Andrea Rossi, inventor of the Energy Catalyzer

Andrea RossiAndrea Rossi was born on March 6, 1950 in Milan. He was the son of a machine-shop factory owner. For eleven years, from the time he was 7 years old (1957) until he was 18 (1968) he worked with his dad in his machine-shop learning and working with metal carpentry tools. He learned to design and build all kinds of different machines in the 11 years of working with his dad.

College and Sports

When Rossi was 19 and 20 years old he was in college and played in sports 8 hours a day. He won the “Italian Champion of road race” at 20 and the “junior world record of 24 hour race” at 19. At the University of Milan, Rossi majored in Physical Science and Chemistry and then went on to study Philosophy under Professor Ludovico Geymonat and in 1973 when he was 23 he graduated with a degree in Philosophy.

Rossi Early Research and Patents

From the time Andrea Rossi graduated in 1973 through 1974 his career revolved around doing research for turning waste into energy and this is what he studied. Rossi then opened a plant of his own called “Dragon” which consisted of waste incinerators and energy recovery. At the age of 24 he received a patent for an “incineration system with post-combustion turbine.”

Andrea Rossi Inventor

All the college work and degrees in engineering that Andrea Rossi had graduated with earned him the success of an Italian inventor. For the next 14-15 years Rossi continued to do work in his field of expertise as well as energy production. With the help of another company, in 1988 Rossi and his business partners were able to apply all their work into building a small device which would be the start of the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer).

Inventing the Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat)

After all the tests and experiments were conducted to make the energy catalyzer the best, Rossi and his company, in 2007, applied for a patent in order to protect what they figured to be the best invention yet. Unfortunately they were turned down.

Andrea Rossi and the E-CatBut Andrea Rossi would not stop until he was able to get the patent. He finally, in April of 2011 succeeded and was issued a patent. The patent was issued in Italy and therefore, was only good in Italy. He introduced the E-Cat to the public in 2009 and by January, 2011 scientists from all the world agreed that the invention of the energy catalyzer was the best invention to this date in regards to solving the energy problems of our world.