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E-CatOnline.com is a guide to the Energy Catalyzer, the E-Cat, developed by Italian entrepenour Andrea Rossi and professor Sergio Focardi.

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The E-Cat will be released also as a homeunit producing 10kW. The cost for a 10kw E-Cat homeunit will be $500.

If you're interested in ordering an E-Cat you can now contact us at info@e-catonline.com and we will get back to you immediately with info on how to order the E-Cat.

Please note that for now only the 1MW E-Cat powerplant is available for purchase.

What is the E-Cat

Energy CatalyzerThe rising cost of oil coupled with the newly awakened apprehension of the dangers of nuclear power has made the science of alternative energy more attractive then ever. Unfortunately, wind power and solar power, while increasing in productivity, are still far from being able to meet demand or be affordable. But a bright spot on the horizon called E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) may revolutionize the whole energy industry.

Energy Catalyzer and Andrea Rossi

E-Cat is a devise built by Andrea Rossi that is reputed to produce energy cheaply with no pollution, waste, or significant radiation. Although for proprietary reasons not everything about the devise is known, what is known is that nickel powder is mixed with an unknown substance that works as a catalyst and which is non-radioactive.

The nickel and the catalyst are pressurized with hydrogen gas producing nuclear fusion; a minute amount of nickel is transformed into copper releasing energy. Besides not using radioactive materials, little radiation is produced during the process, and materials required are cheap and plentiful. What little radiation that is produced is mostly low energy gamma rays.

Rossi explains how the E-Cat works


Rossi’s E-Cat devise was deemed unfavorable for patentability in a preliminary report by the European Patent Office in 2008. The reasons given were "general statements and speculations" and "numerous deficiencies in both the description and in the evidence provided to support its feasibility."

However following a series of demonstrations of E-Cat in 2011, one each month for the first four months of the year conducted in Bologna, the Italian Office for Patents and Trademarks issued Rossi a patent for the invention, valid only in that country.

E-Cat Demonstrations

Although the demonstrations appeared to be impressive, they did not convince all of the scientific community. Benjamin Radford of the Discovery Channel wrote, "In many ways cold fusion is similar to perpetual motion machines. The principles defy the laws of physics, but that doesn’t stop people from periodically claiming to have invented or discovered one."

Cold Fusion

The concept of cold fusion is well known: A theoretical process whereby hydrogen and nickel react to change some of the nickel into copper. But cold fusion is expected to require extremely high temperatures and release high levels of gamma radiation.

E-Cat Manufacturers

Despite its detractors, E-Cat has been embraced by several companies who apparently believe it to be the real thing. Defkalion Green Technologies has received permission to manufacture, distribute, and market Rossi’s invention anywhere other then the Americas. North and South American rights have been licensed to Ampenergo. One of the founders of Ampenergo, Robert Gentile was a former Assistant Secretary of Energy for Fossil Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Gentile’s association with the DOE in the early 1990’s lends credence to E-Cat testings observation by the U.S. Department of Defense and the DOE, as Rossi has claimed.

E-Cat Potential

If E-Cat lives up to it promise, the future will reveal multiple applications for the devise and its applications. For one company it could represent a high power density fuel that could open up the possibility of using E-Cat in individual homes. The reaction chamber can, according to Rossi, be as small as an adult fist and cost only $100 dollars for six months of fuel. Due to its potential to be portable, it may also have a future in powering cars and trucks. NASA has shown an interest which may mean that an E-Cat powered nuclear rocket or even electro-gravitational ships may be in the future. There have even been rumors of the US Navy considering the technology to power submarines.

E-Cat Technology and the Future

Although E-Cat is relatively new when compared to solar, and wind energy technology E-Cat is already beyond the prototype stage and is ready for wide spread implementation. It looks like the future has arrived.