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E-CatOnline.com is a guide to the Energy Catalyzer, the E-Cat, developed by Italian entrepenour Andrea Rossi and professor Sergio Focardi.

E-Cat 10kW Homeunit

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1 MW E-Cat powerplant is now available for ordering

Contact and Info regarding ordering the E-Cat:

E-Cat 10kw Homeunit

A 10kW E-Cat homeunit will be produced. This E-Cat homeunit will produce 10kW power and will only cost $500. The homeunit will also be very easy to apply to your current heating supply.

As you know the E-Cat is 100% selfsustained and in no need of any outher electric supply. The E-Cat homeunit works the same way and can replace your old heating supply anywhere you feel appropriate.

Ordering E-Cat Homeunit

Send us an email (info@e-catonline.com) and we will let you know exactly how to order the E-Cat homeunit once it is available.

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